Omni-Channel Banking

Bringing Engaging Customers Experiences!


Omni-Channel Banking platform creates comprehensive customer experience solutions that help retail banks and credit unions regain and strengthen their digital customer interactions.

We help you get your bank online faster without any complications by delivering a complete, customer-centric digital experience solution that will make you stand out from your competition.



  • The integrated web analytics features give your digital marketing team full insight in your customers’ online experience. 
  • The complete customer experience can be optimized and fine-tunedwithout IT support.

Marketing Automation


  • Create and manage Omni-Channel marketing campaigns from a dashboard.
  • Target content, widgets, and apps based on existing customer segments and customized targeting rules.


Ubiquitous Presence

  • Being able to start interacting on one device and continue the experience on another is a typical example of a seamless and consistent customer experience.
  • The Platform gives the bank access to the marketplace with an extensivelist of services that can bring more innovation to the bank’s ecosystem.


Customer Experience

  • Secure access through Biometric login
  • Secure, real-time communication between bank and customer
  • Access to real-time financials for better control over your money
  • View details of deposits and loan agreements
  • Display nearest ATMs and branch offices
  • Receive customized and relevant offerings
  • Monitor all accounts: checking, savings, debit and credit cards, loans …


Self Enrollment

Account Management

Card Management

Loan/ Financing Automation

Smart Payments

Chat Support


Branch/ ATM Locator


Survey & Feedback


Rewards Program

Money Dashboard


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