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[…] In a separate development, but which highlights Zain Group’s innovation prowess in a different guise, its Zain Cash mobile app in Iraq received more than 100,000 users in the first few weeks of launch. The initiative forms part of Zain Group’s activities with FOO, the impressive mobile apps developer in which it made a strategic investment, announced at Mobile World Congress in 2016.

FOO has been heavily involved with different mobile money and wallet projects across Zain operations and has helped launch the new Zain Group Code of Conduct portal and Zain Bahrain Self-Care mobile application. FOO is also finalizing the Zain Kuwait Self- Care mobile application.

With an additional strong focus on Fintech and the financial services sector, FOO has landed major projects in these areas, extending to mobile banking omni-channel platform rollouts, and mobile payments projects. It launched the first Host Card Emulation (HCE) payment mobile application with VISA in the region and is also undertaking several projects with MasterCard across the Middle East and Africa.

Innovation remains at the heart of FOO’s outlook, with an R&D department set to be launched with a focus on emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain.

With Zain’s support, FOO has grown its number of employees by 50% and expanded its presence into two more countries. FOO is becoming a major force in the mobile solutions arena earning and will be focusing on opportunities in Telecom, Government and FinTech digital innovation for the coming years.

Source: Zainiac 2nd Edition