CMO Mobile Payment


Changing the way you pay

The CMO Mobile Payment application offers an easy and reliable way to transform your mobile phone into a secure payment tool by simply linking your mobile number to your current account or credit card account.

CMO allows you to:

• Use your mobile phone to pay at merchants, withdraw cash at ATMs, transfer money to other CMO users, and much more

• Make payments securely since every transaction requires a unique One-Time-Password (OTP)

• View list of all participating CMO merchants and stay up to date with all the latest news and offers available

Complete the following steps and start using CMO today!

1. Fill out the CMO registration form at your financial institution.

2. Once your financial institution has finalized your registration to CMO, simply download the CMO app, and you will be prompted to enter your GSM mobile number in international format (country code + domestic code + telephone number).

3. You will receive a code to activate the app. The code will be sent to the mobile number you have registered for CMO with your financial institution.

You’re ready to go! Remember to request an OTP before you initiate a CMO transaction.