Masterpass Wallet

Masterpass wallet is a digital wallet solution enabling

Masterpass payments between businesses and individuals.

It is a proven, robust and scalable electronic wallet solution

issuers can offer to their clients.

For a simple and secure checkout experience, the

Masterpass wallet stores all payment and shipping

information for the consumer in PCI compliant

environment on the cloud.

Main Features


QR payment

The payment solution enables individuals and businesses to send and receive payments using QR Codes.

The amount gets transferred directly from the customer’s account to the merchant’s account. Payments are quick, secure and effortless.

MasterCard Send

Cross Border Remittances

The global personal payments platform that allows customers to transfer money from their bank account, card and mobile wallets to any connected market participant.

It will also allow customers to receive money from any market participant in any channel such as banking, retail, online and mobile.



The online checkout makes shopping at online merchants simple & convenient.

The digital wallet securely stores the customer’s card and shipping information simplifying the checkout process.

What We Offer

  • Fast, simple and secure. The mWallet allows issuers to offer the complete range of modern digital payment solutions to their customers
  • Our product is a combination of digital wallet and payment platform that enables in-store, online and in-app payments in one single mobile experience
  • Masterpass enables online and in-app payments using any card from major schemes such as Mastercard, Visa, Amex…
  • Masterpass wallet is a safe bet in the competition of attracting the digital customer.
  • Loyalty and discounts linked to the cards
  • QR payments for merchants/client and peer-to-peer


mWallet Facts

  • Supports all major card brands: Mastercard, Visa & Amex
  • Supports HCE online and in-app payments in the same platform
  • mWallet can be offered as SaaS in a certified environment or as a licensed software
  • Enhanced security and PCI-DSS compliance


User Benefits

  • Enjoying the shopping experience, in-store, online and in-app using only the phone
  • One wallet, one app to store all credentials and shipping addresses 
  • One-click purchases for simplified checkout 
  • Shopping with trust using the well-known brand Mastercard.

Issuer Benefits

  • Enables all types of digital payment methods for your customers
  • Bypass integration challenges with one single interface towards multiple schemes/ tokenization services
  • Multiple tokenization services that allows to bypass integration challenges with one single interface
  • Configurable and modular product with changes done by configuration, not coding
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