Identity Verification

FOO’s ID Verification helps you to know your customers and to verify the authenticity of their identity.

FOO’s ID Verification Solution will be provided as an SDK on top of FOO’s Digital Onboarding Solution or as a standalone application.

Key Features

MRZ and/or NFC-based identity verification

Data will be automatically pulled from the document’s MRZ or biometric chip.

Liveness Detection

A predefined customizable list of challenges to be performed by customers in order to authenticate the their liveness and persona.

Image Recognition/Matching

Match users’ image with the liveness.

Key Benefits

Improving Customer Onboarding

Provides a Fast, Secure and Reliable Verification solution.

Maximum Conversion Rates

Best-in-class conversion rates on any device so you can win more customers.

Prevent Fraud

Advanced artificial intelligence (AI)-driven identity verification prevents fraud.

Comprehensive Compliance

The modular identity verification process can be modified to match any legal or regulatory requirements.

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