FOO Enables Visa NFC Feature
for the KFH Wallet App using

FOO, a VISA TR-TSP Certified Partner has recently enhanced the ”KFH Wallet” App by adding the Visa Token Service for KFH (Kuwait Finance House).

Using KFH Wallet, you can simply tap your Android Smartphone over a contactless payment NFC terminal to pay for local or international purchases.

Contactless payments are now a reality for their customers, users can now quickly scan their credit cards securely so that their smartphones can be used seamlessly for payments at any merchants that are equipped with NFC contactless payment devices without having the actual card with them.

More Information About HCE and NFC

Host Card Emulation (HCE) is the ability for Near Field Communication (NFC) to transfer information between an enabled Point Of Sale (POS) and a Smartphone.

FOO’s HCE Solution allows customers to pay using their mobile devices instead of their plastic cards. It can be provided as a standalone payment application or as an SDK to be integrated in any app.

FOO was the first to offer this platform in the region. It was with Byblos Bank (ByblosPay App) in Lebanon in November 2016.

FOO is PCI-DSS Compliant (v3.2), our FinTech portfolio includes converged mobile wallet, payment platform and acceptance platform.

About KFH

KFH is the first Islamic bank established in 1977 in the State of Kuwait and today it’s one of the foremost Islamic financial institutions in the world.