FOO Provides CSC Bank With CSCPay:
HCE Mobile Payment Solution

CSCPay mobile payment solution, allows users to pay anywhere and anytime using their Android Smartphones. Yes to cashless payments and goodbye to cash money, plastic cards or any type or SIM cards.

FOO has developed the CSCpay mobile payment solution that is a secured mobile payment application used for in-store payments. It uses the tokenization technology that allows users to pay in a digital and cashless way anywhere and to anyone including merchants that are equipped with NFC contactless payment devices.

CSCPay provides users with a seamless payment experience allowing them to securely scan their credit cards to be able to make quick, easy and secured transactions with their smartphone.

CSCPay is currently available on Google Play Store.

About CSC Bank

CSC is a Lebanese Financial Institution registered on Μarch 17, 2001 at the Central Bank of Lebanon under No. /30/.
Established in 1992 in Beirut, CSC is currently a principal member of MasterCard International and Visa International providing issuing & acquiring services to banks and institutions in the Middle Eastern, Asian and African regions.

CSCBank SAL (also known as CSC Group or “CSC”), is a Lebanese bank headquartered in Lebanon with offices Jordan and Cyprus, along with processing centers located in the two countries.