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FOO Attends The ArabNet
Digital Summit 2017 In Dubai

FOO’s Co-Founder Elie Nasr Reveals How FOO transformed From a Startup Company, Into a MENA Leader and Provider of Digital Solutions

It was a pleasure to be part of this year’s ArabNet Digital Summit 2017 in Dubai. ArabNet Digital Summit is currently one of the largest tech events in the Middle East. It represents a prime opportunity that offers great networking connections to help you communicate with startup companies, investors, corporate sectors, and potential partners.

FOO had a booth installed at the ArabNet Dubai 2017 promoting FINTECH products such as mobile wallet and new payment solutions.

Elie Nasr, FOO Co-Founder, was one of the keynote speakers during the Summit, where he shared FOO success story and its growth since 2009 as well as his professional experience and opinion when it came to M&A (Mergers and Acquisitions) for startups.

The panel highlighted the strategic considerations that companies consider while deciding to compete with or acquire startups in target markets, how they evaluate and negotiate acquisition opportunities, and how they integrate the acquisition afterwards to successfully drive rapid growth.

Here’s when Elie talked about his personal experience and the key elements of a successful M&A transaction for a startup as well as the risks and pitfalls. FOO co-founder also shared his vision regarding the future of digital companies and startups explaining his views about the increase in startup M&A activity in MENA going forward.

FOO founders, Elie Nasr and Ghady Rayess have worked hard to build the company into what it is today. This was attained by making key acquisitions and by refining the company’s managing policies:

– Customer expansion: FOO acquired big clients such as Zain, MasterCard, Visa, UN, UNDP, Dubai Police…
– Customer service and a great culture of quality: FOO success required fine tuning between aggressive expansion and maintaining an expected level of premium service and customer satisfaction

Lastly, ArabNet Digital Summit will remain an event in which FOO will participate every year. We look forward for the next one in Kuwait 2017.