Virtual Card Issuance

FOO Instant Virtual Card Issuance enables financial institutions to provide their customers with the ability to issue a Virtual Card Issuance Instantly and Digitally that can be used for e-commerce transactions or app payments. It supports Digital Onboarding, Top-up, Card on File, and it can be used for Online Payments or App Payments (QR, NFC).

Functional Features

  • Customer Registration/Enrolment including light onboarding, full KYC process – with or without bank integration –
  • Customers get their virtual card details in-app: 16-digit card number, Expiry Date, 3-digit Secure Code (CVV).
  • Easy Top-Up from any schemed credit/debit cards, telco credits, loyalty points, …
  • Card on File for payment instruments cards.
  • Can be used for online payments or app payments (QR, NFC) wherever the international card brand is accepted.
  • Card Management: View card details, card statement, 3D Secure PIN, Stop/enable card.

Sample user flow

Virtual Card issued – $0 Balance

First Time Top up – User chooses amount from a list of denominations

Top up – Successful Top up

Landing Page

User long press to see the virtual card details

User clicks on card options

User re-funds the cards

User can add new payment instrument card

virtual card issuance for banks

Customer Management

View Customer Profile

View Customer Linked Card(s) – To fund the Virtual Card

View Customer Virtual Card

View Top up history

View Customer Devices (Model, Type e.g. iPhone, Samsung.)

Card Management

Manage Cards (Stop/Suspend)

View Card Transaction History…

Mobile Application Configuration

Application Upgrades

Terms & Conditions

Session Timeout…

User Admin Management

Create/Manage Admin Roles

Create/Manage Admin Users

View Admin Users Audit Trail…

Setup Requirements


  • Setup and Configure Instance
  • Provide API Access
  • Provide Admin Access to Management Portal
  • Provide Mobile/Web SDK or Standalone App
  • Support Client

Client – BANK

  • Provide APIs for Identity Verification & KYC (if applicable)
  • Provide APIs for Funding Customer (Card or Account) (if applicable)
  • Provide APIs for Instant card Issuance (if applicable)

3rd Party Customer App Provider

  • Integrate with FOO SDK
  • Provide APIs for KYC (if applicable)
  • Provide APIs for funding Payment Instrument (if applicable)

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