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FOO Provides Creditbank with Creditbank Pay:
HCE Mobile Payment Solution

Credibank Pay mobile payment solution, helps consumers use their smartphone to make payments, without the necessity of a debit or credit card.

Banks aren’t restrained by technology anymore, HCE makes more sense for banks now, it allows them to have more flexibility when launching mobile payment initiatives.

FOO has provided Creditbank with the HCE mobile payment solution that will acknowledge seamless, easy and secured transactions through the mobile app. Consumers will no longer be using the physical card and will start to enjoy this new secure and reliable payment experience.

– Creditbank Pay is currently available on Google Play Store.

About Creditbank

With a solid reputation and over 30 years of experience, Creditbank has established a strong presence in Lebanon and beyond. The bank was first founded in 1981 as “Crédit Bancaire” by Joseph Khalife and Fouad Zoghby who, despite the many years of political turmoil in Lebanon, strongly believed in the country’s ability to regain its position as the region’s main banking hub. Their commitment to a sound growth strategy culminated in November 2002 in the acquisition of “Crédit Lyonnais SAL”, which prompted the bank to change its name to “Creditbank SAL”. The Bank was granted Alpha status when deposits in 2013 exceeded the USD 2 billion mark.