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BENEFIT, In Collaboration With FOO,
Launches The First National E-Wallet In The Region

FOO and BENEFIT launched “BenefitPay” as the first National e-Wallet for the Kingdom of Bahrain.
It is the e-payment software designed to streamline payment within the Kingdom.

On the 4th of July, 2017, the first phase of BenefitPay went live in a press conference held in Manama, Bahrain in the presence of FOO’s managing partner and the CEO of BENEFIT.
The first phase consists of consumers adding their payment Debit Cards to the app and merchants applying for acceptance of payment using QR code technology. Other phases will follow during the end of this fiscal year.

About FOO
Founded in 2009, FOO has emerged as a leading provider of digital solutions by constantly innovating, leveraging our expertise, and developing high quality solutions using the latest technologies in the rapidly growing space. FOO has matured to offer full digital solutions for the Banking, Telecom, Retail, Government, and Healthcare sectors.

About The BENEFIT Company
The BENEFIT company was established by 17 commercial banks in November 1997 as the national ATM and Point of Sale switch of Bahrain. Today, it foresees Bahrain’s global position in the future of banking in the region. BENEFIT is determined to provide the banking community with top-notch services that can compete on a global scale.