FOO Adds A New Payment Method To
BenefitPay: Credit Card

FOO has developed for BENEFIT a payment platform that integrates with major payment gateways allowing users to add approved credit cards to BenefitPay.

How does it work?
Users will be able to pay to merchants that have registered with a payment gateway and are using BenefitPay Merchant application.
They will be able to pay at all merchants that have CrediMaxQR application since the two wallets in Bahrain are interoperable. BENEFIT is working on having credit cards from all banks available to be added to the wallet and AMEX cards as well. 

About The BENEFIT Company
The BENEFIT company was established by 17 commercial banks in November 1997 as the national ATM and Point of Sale switch of Bahrain. Today, it foresees Bahrain’s global position in the future of banking in the region. BENEFIT is determined to provide the banking community with top-notch services that can compete on a global scale.