Acceptance Merchant Management Platform

FOO Acceptance Merchant Management Platform allows acquirers to seamlessly onboard merchants , manage their accounts and empower them in accepting new ways of payments, such as QR Code Payments, Digital Invoice Link, and Secure Checkout for the In-App and Web Checkout payments which are all integrated as part of the Merchant App & Web as an SDK, enabling customers to shop online and benefit from FOO Marketplace experience for a complete e-commerce solution.

It is a cloud-based acquirer and a merchant management system, PCI DSS certified with 99.99% availability providing both online and in-store payment options.

The system supports leading schemed networks – Visa and Mastercard – or local country networks and protects merchant-side transactions with industry standard 3D Secure MPI.

Acceptance Platform for Banks

Admin Management Module

  • Ability to manage their profile.
  • Ability to manage all the system configuration.
  • Create and manage merchants, branches and terminals.
  • Setup and manage gateways controls and merchant’s discount and loyalty.
  • Full visibility on transactions happening on the terminals/branches.

Acceptance Platform for Merchants

Merchant Management Module

  • Ability to manage their profile.
  • Create and manage merchants, branches and terminals.
  • Full visibility on transactions happening on the terminals/branches.

Merchant App

Merchant App – Virtual Terminal

Merchants will have a mobile application to generate QR codes for every transaction with the following features:

  • Specify amount & currency
  • Generate a readable QR code as per MPQR standards
  • Generate a link and share it through Email or SMS
  • Transactions Report
  • English and Arabic Support

Merchant Features

 Virtual Terminal – QR Code (Dynamic & Static)

For onsite merchants, the system provides QR code-based payments through Debit/Credit Card, Stored Value Accounts, or Loyalty Accounts supporting both static and dynamic QR codes that can be statically or dynamically generated by the merchant virtual terminal. QR code generation follow EMVCo standards (ISO 18004-compliant encoding and visualization of data) i.e. MPQR to allow interoperability with other systems. 

Secure Checkout (In-App & Web)

For Online Merchants, FOO will deliver an In-App and Web SDK to be integrated with their mobile applications or websites, to provide an enhanced e-commerce checkout solution for online payments supporting:

  • Card on File experience for the customer. One click payment
  • In-app & Web checkout
  • Authorize/Capture
  • Refund Payments
  • Recurrent/Automatic Payments
  • Centralized Merchant Management for Customers
  • Smart Routing for local schemes
  • Advanced Payment Controls capabilities
  • High security standards – PCI-DSS certified

Digital Invoice Link

  • Ability to send payment links to customers through SMS, email, or share through existing messaging channels.
  • Ability to create and manage database of clients.
  • Ability to customize invoice content and layout.
  • Instant payment updates back to system.
  • Full reporting on the transaction status.


Leverage your merchant landscape by offering them the ability to set their shop online using our Marketplace service, which supports Multi-Vendor and Sub-Domains.

Merchants can enable Marketplace from the Merchant Portal, enabling them to have an online shop where they can add/manage products, prices, commissions, discounts, check inventory and view reports.

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