Enabling FOOkey for e-payments



FOO, your leading Fintech partner,
is introducing its newest banking solution

FOOkey is a mobile keyboard that allows customers to make peer-to-peer payments without having to exit their current mobile applications.

This Keyboard can be used within any mobile app for instance within WhatsApp, Viber… to send money instantly to anyone in the world.

The payment can be done using just the recipient’s mobile number.

FOOkey is all about having seamless and universal access to mobile services and functions at the tap of your fingers.

Start enjoying the experience after downloading FOOkey keyboard app and enabling it as default on the user device

First of all

Press on the (+) icon on the top left of FOOkey

Getting Started

Tap on the FOO_Banking icon to access the payment services

Enter your wallet access PIN

Tap on the Pay icon to proceed with payment

Enter the amount to send

Select the contact you wish to pay to


The amount will be sent to the indicated receiver with a descriptive text message.



Imagine being able to make an e-payment as easily as sending an “Emoji” to a friend while chatting on WhatsApp on any other messaging App on your phone.

Now with FOOkey, users will be able to access this keyboard on any app on their mobile phones.

After few simple steps, the payment will be completed. The user can continue using the same app he initially opened.


Put Your Brand On It

Alter the look and feel of your FOOkey app, and have it fully respect your corporate identity.

Below are the benefits of the White-labelling:
1- Market and brand recognition
2- Take full control of the design with your corporate look & feel
3- Offer a uniquely branded end-to-end solution

From the FOOkey keyboard, customers will have access to a variety of Telco services.

Everything you need in one place

  • 1- Top up account instantly
  • 2- Transfer credit on the go
  • 3- Check balance in one tap
  • 4- Recharge
  • 5- Pay Bills
  • 6- Data Bundle

2 easy steps...

Enter receiver's mobile number

Enter amount and send

And you're DONE!

With FOOkey, you will have access to services, information and communication

Payment Security & Customer’s Loyalty

FOO is a PCI-DSS certified provider and covers all of its Fintech products, this way FOO can better serve its clients with new digital disruptive solutions.

Also, FOOkey payments are completely secure as they are authenticated with the sender’s mobile banking credentials.