Baladiyati Platform


Baladiyati Platform

Baladiyati is a complete interactive Software-as-a-Service system for municipalities. The system consists of a native mobile app on iOS and Android, a website in addition to a responsive web-based portal used by municipality employees to update content, send push notifications and receive/track forms.

All municipalities of Lebanon will be listed in the app, they will have the option to subscribe and get access to full functionalities. The platform will have a mobile (iOS & Android), a web version.

Subscribed municipalities will get access to a web portal/content management system (CMS) where they will be able to customize and update the content of the app and website.

Baladiyati Workflow

  • Simplified registration and user verification
  • Ability to send reports and complaints
  • Ability to fill and submit municipal forms and check due fees
  • Software-as-a-Service model
  • Ability to shift between listed municipalities
  • Intuitive User Interface/User Experience

Top Benefits

  • One platform/app for all Lebanon municipalities
  • Reduce cost, increase efficiency
  • Better service & satisfied citizens
  • Re-building trust and confidence in municipalities
  • Transformation/modernization of public sector organizations
  • Digitize the municipalities, a step towards e-government
  • Increase revenues for municipalities through integrated payment

Main Features

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Forms & applications



Suggestions & complaints

Internal Workflow System


Manage Services

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