Mobile Payments Technology

Our HCE solution will quickly and easily enable existing cardholder accounts
or issue new financial products for proximity payments. This solution simplifies
the complexity typically associated with mobile payment deployments without
the need for traditional integration & system upgrade costs.



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  • Our solution provides secure and reliable cloud-based card credential
  • The main functionality is to provision an end user’s card credentials
    into the cloud environment and enable their wallets to use these
    credentials in a secure way.


  • By transferring a token in advance, payments can also be
    processed without an active Internet connection.
  • Our HCE solution does not require a particular SIM card
    or secure element.
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  • HCE technology enables the customer to pay with the smartphone,
    so there’s no need to take the bank card.
    There is a dematerialisation/virtualisation of cards.
  • This feature increases customer engagement by quickly enabling the mobile
    banking app for payments anywhere and anytime.

Interested in learning more about Host Card Emulation and its influence on the industry?

Watch one of our client’s HCE video, Byblos Pay!



Gain independence and direct control over your application
by using HCE. Get direct control over your brand and consumer
experience with no dependence
on any intermediaries.


 Digitized Cards

Make cashless/ contactless payments within
several minutes after signing
in your cards in
the app.


Secured Payments

HCE enables storing the data in the phone’s memory card
or a cloud with the use of certified by Visa, MasterCard
and other technologies.

Monitored Transactions

Instantaneous fraud detection and interception become
reality advanced transaction security features.


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